Marci Gintis Paintings

The work of Marci Gintis encompasses a wide range of ideas and techniques. Her current work on memory and loss includes cemetary landscapes from Budapest, where she resides part of the year; portraits of her family; and objects rediscovered when she closed her father's house.

"In my art, in painting what I feel compelled to paint, I am influenced by various contemporary intellectual disciplines: natural science, psychology, philosophy; and by the art and thought of the past. I picture everything, from insects and flowers to life size portraits, to human rights violations."
-Marci Gintis

"Marci Gintis...sees (herself) as part of the long history of representation that stretches from the cave painters until now, using time-honored methods...(She) nevertheless produces works that unmistakably belong to the late twentieth century."
-Helen Shlien, Danforth Museum

Enlarge Yellow Sky
Enlarge Yellow Sky     yellow sky 9" x 12"    '09
'Enlarge melvin: study in garden','03-04'
'Enlarge melvin: study in garden','03-04'     melvin: study in garden 8" x 10"    '03-04